Men cherish ladies, they are pulled in to their magnificence, persona and style. Be that as it may, there are something about ladies which men don't care for.

The rundown will be too long from our shoppingto our time in preparing, pestering and the rundown will never end. Every manhas diverse answer to what they abhor in ladies, yet there are a few thingswhich the vast majority of the men despise in ladies, read on find what theyare: 

Men Hate Lycra Fabric

Men Hate Lycra Fabric Source

Spandex or a lycratexture material gives an impeccable look to the ladies' bend, i don't see anexplanation behind men despise them. 

Men Hate Women Pouting

Men Hate Women Pouting Source

You will see look onyour man's face every time you frown your lips for a selfie. Men abhor thelook. 

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