There have been after death pictures of celebrated superstars that have been stunning us. Indeed, even the well known famous people die the abnormal and strange demise.

However, theposthumous photos of our most loved big names hurt us when we see them. Themotion picture industry is a significant huge place and we as a whole have ourmost loved one. A portion of the amazingly popular big names that passed awayare Elvis Presley, John Lennon, and Michael Jackson. I can go ahead with therundown of the well known superstars who passes on and whose after deathpictures give us chill.

We as a wholecherish them and will dependably be thankful for what they have gives us ineach one of those years. As a fan, we generally wish that our most loved bignames will thrive and live always yet these after death pictures underneathwill talk reality.

Look at theseaggravating posthumous photos of some well known VIPs that will stun you.


Paul Walker

Paul Walker

Death: November 30, 2013

Paul’s bodywas charred and his eyes and skin color were not determined when he dies in aterrific car accident. Roger Rodas who was driving the Porsche Carrera GT withPaul on the passenger seat lost the control. His car crashed into a tree andlight pole in Valencia, California. The reports revealed that both of them diedof the combined effects of thermal injuries and traumatic.

Kurt Kobain

Kurt Kobain

Death: April 5,1994

Kurt Cobain,the lead singer and founder of Nirvana, was found dead by Veca Electricemployee Gary Smith, who went to his house to install security lighting. Ashort gun and suicide note was found on his chest. He shot himself with theshort gun and the reports revealed that a high dose of heroin was found in hisblood before he died.


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