There have been after death pictures of celebrated superstars that have been stunning us. Indeed, even the well known famous people die the abnormal and strange demise.

Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe Source

Death: August 5,1962

Monroe led amiserable life and was given up for adoption because of her mother’s condition.She became a model and a sex symbol actress. Marilyn was 36 when she died. Shewas found by her housekeeper, Eunice Murray unconscious. Later declared dead,and cause of death was suicide or overdose.

Tupac Shakur

Tupac Shakur Source

Death: September 13,1996

He was shot bysomeone multiple times when he left a boxing event with Suge Night in Vegas.Tupac was shot in his chest and head while he was in his car. He was admittedto the hospital and his last words were F**k you!” later he died due to theinternal bleeding and some complications.

Anna Nicole Smith

Anna Nicole Smith Source

Death: February8, 2007

Anna NicoleSmith or we better know her as Vickie Lynn Marshall died from the drug overdose.She gained popularity in Playboy magazine when she became the Playmate of theYear in 1993. She became a sex symbol, model, and actress.

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